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But nothing worked so far.

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If you have any tips, let me know! I haven't tried either of these games but I suggest trying to load a community config specifically, the most popular one , and making sure you have the default keys in the games. It may just be that the default config Steam chose is wrong for the games.

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Thanks, Dave. I have tried a few different configs but mainly the default ones. I'll try again. I'm having the same problems with my steam controller. I'm not even going to mention the Link I am also having these issues on my new mac computer. The controller worked fine for Braid, but now trying Portal, it doesn't.

Turn off the mouse, push down the battery cover tab and pull the cover off the mouse. Remove the batteries from the Magic Mouse. Wrap one aluminum square around the negative terminal the flat end of each battery. The extra thickness of the aluminum foil produces additional force wedged between the battery and the contact. This makes the battery less likely to be jarred away from the contact when you move the Magic Mouse around. This may be enough to fix most Bluetooth disconnect problems , but if your Magic Mouse still experiences an occasional disconnect, there's one more modification you can try.

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Place the paper on top of the batteries, roughly centered. Tuck any excess paper around the edge of the batteries. The extra paper acts as a wedge between the batteries and the battery cover to help hold the batteries in place. While the first-generation Magic Mouse had a strange battery-related Bluetooth issue, both the first- and second-generation Magic Mouse can suffer from conventional Bluetooth problems , including having the connection suddenly stop working or be intermittent or having the Magic Mouse show up in the Bluetooth device list but not connect.

Fixes usually involve one or more of the following:. The first-generation Magic Mouse made use of good old-fashioned AA alkaline batteries. This conventional power source soon earned the scorn of some users, who complained of short battery life.

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Some users were seeing less than 30 days of life from a fresh set of AA batteries. If you're experiencing unusually short battery life, there are ways to extend battery life and reduce battery costs, including:. Because the charging port of the Magic Mouse 2 is on the underside of the mouse, the most common complaint about the mouse battery is that you can't charge the mouse while using it.

Bioshock Infinite is on my List of Games to play. I will have to finish it, before Catalina arrives. Except there is no 3D HW-acceleration on Mac guests but on Windows and Linux guests there is, which is better to run games in. And what about bootcamp with PC version? I guess all pc versions of these games will be updated to Way easier than Boot Camp would be just dual-booting Mojave and Catalina. Also, none of my installed Steam games even show up on the list, nor do many of the games I have on my system. You can fix this by trashing or renaming the old Steam app and downloading a fresh new one.

Hey Ric this is not the end of the world in my opinion. Sure some of those games listed are favorites and if so do not update for awhile. I read somewhere that from here on out Aspyr is going 64 bit only on there future offerings. All my 64 bit games run pretty good and metal really flies. I would rather quality over quantity anyway and this is just one mans opinion. Just to let you know the updated games listed work great. So unless platforms like Steam decide to drop support for Mojave one day, we can keep on playing all the 32bit games we own.

I agree that this is a great option. But note that the version of macOS that came with your Mac is the earliest version compatible with that Mac.

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So the next time you upgrade your hardware you will be out of luck. They are listed as most recent update version 2.

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But the MAS tells you nothing about 32 or 64 bit compatibility in games. Guild Wars 2 does not work with Catalina currently. The main app is 64 bit so Catalina says it is ok … and then part of it calls some 32 bit code running their store, crucial to the game dochaknow. Resulting in a crash.

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The developers have yet to say what the status of it is. The game started as bit only a few weeks ago but we since discovered it has a bit update coming. I have now kept it in the bit confirmed list. Thanks for the heads up. I, personally, am specifically concerned with the update status of Valve Games, especially the Portal and Half-life games.

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Any information would be appreciated. Safari Specifically, the text fields forcing capitalization regardless of caps lock status and unavoidable via copy and paste as well. Two really old, but great games: Apeiron X and Quinn will not work; both i, both discontinued. I have not played Maelstrom for years.

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I loved that game. But, Ambrosia the company has been gone for years. Where can I find the bit version of this classic game? Note that you can also click the Legacy Software option which should list only bit apps and plugins. I believe that Deus Ex Human Revolution is 32 bit. Also, the original Bioshock, although Bioshock Remastered is 64 bit.

Perhaps and probably this has already been mentioned, but you can designate a partition on your hard drive to Catalina. In that way you can keep your partition with bit games as they are and boot up Catalina when needed. Hold the Control key when starting up and select your desired partition to boot. On the other hand, this list is updated with first hand tests on our behalf but also feedback from readers. These games are listed here as Updated. Who do I trust? Steam is showing lots of wrong warnings. That seems to be the case. The compatibility issue is supposed to be for bit games and Dawn of Man distinctly says it requires a bit minimum.

I have a fork myself. Does anyone know if Left 4 dead 1 and 2 will be supported soon does not yet updated mean there will be an update in teh future? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.