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The Callaway upro mx has officially been discontinued, ending its disastrous 16 month lifespan which included the initial launch, a litany of initial problems with both the device and uxplore portal, the supposedly temporarily recall of the device, a release of PC beta software in an attempt to fix issues, and as of today, the official scrapping of the device without ever being re-released.

We can now say that this was the worst golf GPS launch GPS actually probably the worst of any consumer tech device we have ever seen. Callaway upro mx update March : News at last! Callaway has finally released a update for the upro mx golf GPS device, available to registered upro mx PC, not Mac…yet users at the Callaway upro mx website. Callaway claims this update should bring improved stability, including the former device freeze ups and shutdowns that plagued the device upon its original launch see the Callaway upro mx release notes for a full list of improvements.

Stay tuned…. With a combination of the Callaway brand name, a new hardware and software technology platform, and an extremely aggressive price point, the Callaway upro mx became the most anticipated golf GPS device ever. Unfortunately for the company, there was an initial delay in release of the site used to manage the upro mx uxplore , followed by a perfect storm of registration problems, software bugs and battery issues. Customer calls for assistance overwhelmed the Callaway technical support line, leading to hold times of over 1 hour and frustration grew among early adopters.

Callaway stepped forward and in mid-July provided 25 free ProMode courses which offer full satellite views to buyers as compensation due to the delays in launching the site, but problems continued. On August 2, , Callaway issued a voluntary recall of the device, and made the decision to pull the device from sale both directly and through authorized retailers.

While current owners have the option of a Callaway upro mx refund , to date the majority of upro mx users have elected to keep the device the uxplore website and functionality of the device are not impacted by Callaway freezing sales. With that history as background, we turn to the future direction of the Callaway upro mx. Once the website has been shut down you will not need to worry about this problem. Feb 23, edited Feb 23, I went to the callaway page for the uPro today, signed in. It says I have zero Pro Mode courses available I have only the complimentary one that came with the unit, which I installed right off the bat.

I've added around 20 Basic Mode courses. Now, I see no way to add Pro Mode courses. I've looked all over. It doesn't indicate I can buy any. What's up with this, have they discontinued that? Edit: I went and saved my course data to my laptop, in accordance with the instructions in the previous post. Poked around a bit and see which of the folders copied corresponds to my one Pro Mode course download it has a subfolder for each hole containing the flyover video and a JPG file.

It occurs to me now that it's probably possible to keep the course availability thing going in some sense after Callaway shuts down the support page. That is, if I have a course that you want, if I send you the data, presumably you could copy it to your uPro.

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Basic Mode or Pro Mode. My one Pro Mode course folder is about 26MB.

Just saying Post edited by Unknown User on Feb 23, Feb 26, I've been very happy with it and will use it until it dies. I just don't like the iPhone apps as they take too much time since you have to keep them in lock mode to save battery and so have to unlock it for every shot. The uPro is one click and get yardage. I have updated it and kept stats on the website via a MacBook Pro and don't really care about losing this feature but I have not had any problems with the site or the unit.

I'll load up more courses and enjoy this season and see what happens once they take it down for I used to love my GolfLogix8 Garmin but didn't like fees when they were no longer supporting it and threw all their support to their phone app. The phone app's fine, but just too much clicking on it for my tastes. I want yardage and want it simply.

Kruz Members Posts: I was expecting a credit of some small token amount when reading that email today. Maybe some balls or Call swag. Got my Upro as a Christmas present a few years back.

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Worked good the first year, but then the battery weakened severely. Bought a replacement and it too did not last a year. Now it works off and on. Don't think I will go back to a dedicated device.


I hate to use my phone, maybe I'll try a rangefinder. Then again a lot of courses have GPS on their carts. G20 8. Kruz wrote:. Feb 27, I wouldn't base your opinion on all GPS devices based on your experiences with uPro. Point taken. I want something that just works, gives me FCB numbers, I can put in my pocket or clip into a cart or bag, and holds a charge for 36 holes.

Feb 27, edited Feb 27, Can you still buy pro mode courses? I'm not seeing that on the site even after I sign in. I have a uPro, have just the one complimentary pro mode course on it and around 20 basic mode. Muse wrote:. Feb 28, Adams LS 8. All riding on a blue Clicgear 3. Just called Cally. The answer to my assumption of downloading Pro mode courses is no.

You have to call and get it activated. I just did.

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Was also told that a good rule of thumb is to do 4 things at a time. For example, I've got 48 courses on my device. I'll have to delete 4, synch, unplug, connect and add 4, synch, unplug, connect, delete 4, etc. Feb 28, edited Feb 28, I don't know about the 4 course thing.

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As my post from yesterday said, they sent me the instructions probably the same as posted here recently. I had them reactivate my account yesterday and this morning I synced -- what a PITA, I couldn't do it from one laptop, using XP, and went to my Win7 laptop and synced right away, running autorun. Once synced I downloaded the limit of courses it would allow me, which I suppose is This included around 20 pro mode, the rest basic.

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I did this in one sync. After the downloads completed and the utility informed me that the downloads were complete, I look in my uPro shut down and restarted and see the courses, but at the end it says there was an error, evidently with one of the downloads. I don't know why it errored. It seems as though there was an error downloading one of the courses. The others work, I think. Now an interesting thing here: I had around 20 Basic Mode courses already on the uPro. Why would they have both enabled if this wasn't a good idea. The result was that two folders exist for each course in the course data folder on the uPro.

One is for BM the other PM.

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Therefore the BM folder is evidently not needed. I talked to a support guy there Derick who seems to know more about this than most of the folks there and he agrees that the BM folder isn't needed if the PM folder is there. I just deleted all the BM folders for courses that have PM folders. You can tell it's the same course because the folder names are almost idenical If you paste in there it doesn't find a course! Yes, that's a little screwy but no show stopper for me.

I'm keeping data that corresponds the names of the Pro Mode folders with the course names, so I can shuffle them as needed from my hard drives to the uPro going forward. Of course, after New Years , the data will be unavailable except maybe in an underground kind of way. The CSR I talked to a few minutes ago said the Mx has much different software, I don't know if the course data will work across both devices. I know this is long, but point I want to make here is that if you have the pro downloaded, you don't need the basic.

Don't download both pro and basic, just download the pro. Doing both just makes a messy situation significantly more messy.

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