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Check the box next to the most recent recipient key, or the one associated with the email address you want to use. Open Mail. Look for the green icon in the upper right. That indicates that OpenPGP is installed and functional within the application. The check icon next to the lock indicates that you signed the email with your public key.

Verified SDVOSB

This verifies that the email came from you and was not altered in transit. You can also use other applications to send an email.

Encrypt the text of the email with GPG in a text editor, then send that encrypted block in your preferred email client. Select the text of your email. Select everything, including the PGP key at the bottom of your email. Your email address will not be published.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Or, turn off FileVault to use Espionage with laptop theft tracking software we recommend Undercover.

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Built to work great with Spotlight search. Folder contents only show up while the folder is unlocked, and you can prevent that too if you want!

Using GnuPG encyption with Mac OS X Mail

Espionage uses powerful AES encryption to protect your files and the super-computer defying scrypt to protect your passwords instead of relying on OS X's weak keychain. Pay close attention to any modifications to the previous sentence, and verify the signature of this "watch zone" by viewing the page source. We know that for software to provide any meaningful security guarantees, its source code must be available to third-parties for inspection.

  • Download and Install GPGTools.
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  • We also recognize that releasing Espionage's source code can hurt Espionage and its users because of software piracy. We want to continue giving you stellar customer support and timely updates, so we follow a middle-path by giving security experts access to Espionage's code so that they can verify its security. We're also allowing them to distribute unmodified copies of Espionage that they've built themselves, so that anyone who doesn't trust our copy can download it from them.

    Best Email Client for Mac - SETAPP

    Apply here. Designed to work efficiently with third-party backup software like Time Machine and online-backup services like Dropbox. Security without exceptions. Video Tour.

    Canary Mail - Best Email App for Mac & iOS with PGP Encryption

    Download Free Trial. Espionage: simple, state of the art encryption and plausible deniability for your data. Encrypt Folders Protect individual folders and easily access them from the menubar. Folder Settings Settings like auto-lock and maintainence of the encrypted data at your fingertips. Plausible Deniability Espionage offers the state of the art in Plausible Deniability.