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Position the cursor in the area you want to insert the merge field

If Acrobat did not detect a particular form field or you need to edit a field do the following:. Create new fields where necessary using the toolbar at the top.

How to disable or remove Field Shading in Microsoft Word

Click the Preview button in the upper right-hand corner to test your form by filling out all the fields. Use the toolbar at the top to A dd a S ignature field. In the yellow box, select who needs to sign i. Save the file. If you want to collect data for your PDF forms, be sure not to miss our upcoming series post on how to use a SharePoint server to host data collection for PDF forms.

How to create fillable forms in Word

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To protect and unprotect cells in a Word table, do the following: Create the table and enter the labels or values you want to protect as you normally would. Select a cell where you want users to enter information.

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Click the Developer tab. Continue to select input cells and insert controls until you're done.

Click Restrict Editing in the Protect group. In Word , choose Protect Document from the Tools menu.

In the resulting task pane, choose Filling In Forms from 2. In Word , you can click Protect Form on the Forms toolbar instead. Enter a password twice, and click OK.

How to Fill Out PDF Forms and Documents on Mac

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Position the cursor in the area you want to insert the merge field

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